There is a strong business ethics in the Mt. Pleasant Community.  The majority of the businesses in Mt. Pleasant is family owned and operated, or owned by residents.  The businesses in the community have a good relationship with the community and donate goods and services to community events.  The beautification efforts along Kinsman Road and Union Avenue have the potential to positively affect the existing businesses in Mt. Pleasant.

An objective of the Mt. Pleasant Community Zone through its Code Enforcement Program is to provide commercial code eforcement activities, including code inspections and followup.  Commercial workshops with partnering community development corporations provided business owners with funding opportunities and other resources to improve their profits.  Physical development plans have been developed for Kinsman Road and the Union Avenue Business Corridor.  The Physical environment will become more conducive to retail businesses, including lighting, parking, facades, signage and sidewalks.  New businesses will be attracted to the business corridors.